As I have mentioned in my previous post, I will be giving more details to my Althea order unboxing. I can barely contain myself last night, wanting to open it immediately when I got home. Alas, household chores await me and mommy duties call, so I was only able to open and unbox my delivery this morning. Still, I am happy as a bee!

The Althea box was deliver by a CJ Korea courier, I am not really familiar with this delivery service but I was satisfied enough as they were able to deliver my items very quickly. And as I have mentioned, when I wasn’t there to receive (and pay for) it, they re-delivered first thing Monday morning.

The box came in a pink delivery pack with an Althea sticker as you can see from my previous post. Once opened, the box itself is wrapped in bubble wrap to probably ensure that the box itself (and the contents) won’t get damaged. I already saw in some other blogs that Althea delivers items in their signature pink box. It was really cute! I would say, the box itself seems sturdy and I can already think of a number of ways to re-use it.

On to the unboxing! I ordered 6 items from Althea: 1) Guerrison9 Complex Cream, 2)Pio-Lang Raspberry Hair Vinegar, 3) Pio Lang 4D Pore Clay Wash, 4) It’s My Hand Cream in Deep Romance, 5) Perfect Sun Shield and 6)…err..I ordered 5 items only. Haha!

The box was packed quiet tightly and with the exemption of the Pore Clay wash, all the items were wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them.

The inside of the box advises of Althea’s purchase policy. Free Delivery (above Php1,500), 100% Genuine products and Best Price Policy. It also states there Althea’s Unconditional Returns, wherein, if you are not satisfied at all with the product, you can return the items to Althea within 30 days. I think it also mentions in their website that they will also cover for the return shipping.

So, there. Overall I would rate my experience with Althea a 5 stars. I rarely give 5 stars but at the moment, I really don’t see any specific concerns that will affect my interest to purchase from them again. I already plan to purchase my next batch of stuffs, just waiting for my sister to finalize what product to buy so I can include it with my purchase. Again, way cheaper to buy it in bulk so you get free shipping. Also, Althea is celebrating it’s 1st Birthday, and as part of their birthday celebration, they have a number of choice products that if you purchase at least three items from that collection, Althea will give you full rebate on the total amount of those items. This will become points you can use on your next purchase. Talk about a great deal and a marketing strategy!

That’s it! My Althea unboxing experience. Hope you’ll stay tuned for the product reviews as well. 🙂


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