The past few weeks has seen me buying stuffs and swiping my card almost on a daily basis. I’m already afraid that before the end of the month, I may have overdone my skin care shopping enough to last me until August. But, as my favorite kid said “my face is an impossible challenge” and so…I’m trying to lessen the odds against me. 

So without further ado, here’s where the money went this July.

Items (From Top left, clockwise)

  • Shawill Comedo cleaner, Php49.00 from SM Department Store
  • Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creme Stockholm, Php390.00, SM Dept. Store
  • Earth Therapeutics Purifying Complexion Brush, Php675.00 from Beauty Bar
  • Yadah! Bubble Deep Cleanser, Php312.00. (50%off original price 625.00) from Beauty Bar
  • Snoe More Awesome Poresome Pore Perfecting Serum, Php449.00, Landmark Dept. store
  • Snoe Let it B with Wasa-B Anti-oxidant wasabi BB cream, Php549.00, Landmark Dept. store
  • N’oreal soaps, Php200.00  (buy 1, take 1 each pack contains 4 different soaps), Natural Looks.
  • Natural Looks Soft Sweet Serum, Php899.00, Natural looks
  • Skin Food Tomato Whitening Mist, Php1,100.00 (less 30%, Php770.00), Skinfood
  • Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Pact, Php600.00, Skinfood
  • Natural Looks Happiness Oil perfume, Php449.00, Natural Looks. 

Whew! That was mind-opening. Writing that down made me realize that I have spent more money on personal care products than on anything else this week. I kinda feel guilty now. Sigh. 

Thing is, I’m still trying to find the products that will work for me. So far, most products I’ve used are okay, some of them actually delivering what they claim, but as I am fickle and very impatient, I switch to other care products as soon as the next one comes along. I’d like to be able to find the skin care regimen that I’ll always go back to, or better yet, stick with. I guess, like my lovelife, stabilty and constancy is still the missing factor in my  skin care regimen. 

I’ll try to do a review on each one over the next few weeks. I figured that in order for me to stop spending unnecessarily, I have to make sure something occupies my mind. Blogging about it will allow me to be more thoughtful in the products I buy, as well as serve as therapy and a reminder.



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