Last year, during one of my random trips to the mall, I came upon a newly opened store in SM North Annex.

Natural Looks, as the store is called, specialises in skin care products. They have shower gels, lotions, serums, soaps and facial care products. Their products are usually arranged by scent. So you have an area where the lotion, serum, body wash and even deo is Raspberry scented. You also have one for strawberry, another for vanilla and other scents that are either floral or fruity in nature.

I personally like their “Happiness” line, which smells  very much like Clinique’s Happy. I decided to purchase their serum as my initial test product.

Their serum, a lot like a lotion, supposedly offers more moisturization compared to the regular lotion. It’s light and watery in consistency, spreads easily and does not leave the oily heavy feeling most lotions do. I particularly love the fact that it smells great!!! I am a fan of Clinique’s Happy, but since it’s very expensive to purchase, Natural Look’s Happiness seems to be a good alternative.

Anyway, I’ve used the serum until the bottle is finished. And although I don’t find anything wrong with it, I decided not to repurchase at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, the serum is really light, smells good and does not leave an icky feeling. It left my skin soft, but I think it still lacks the moisturizing effect that I am looking for. So, since I have another bottle of lotion (different brand) lying around, I opted not to buy another serum as of yet.

I did, however, visited their store again a few months ago and I bought a body spray in the same scent. I am absolutely in love with their body spray. It’s long lasting, and eveb after being out the whole day, I still smell a hint of the scent when I get home.

And now, I went back to Natural Looks today to buy a deo. I didn’t really intend to buy the deo there, just thought of looking if its a possible option. True to my nature, I went out of the shop with not one, not two but three products.

I bought a shower gel, a deo and a tea tree facial wash all of which I will do further review in the next couple of weeks.


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